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The best CRM for sales and marketing management

The best CRM for sales and marketing management

The increase of the productivity, the optimization of the time or the effective management of resources, are the pillars of any company. In this sense, the implementation of the use of CRM software is one of the most used instruments by companies, regardless of their size and activity.

In the field of marketing and sales of a company it is essential to have under control all the actions that are involved in the management of the organization. For this reason, a CRM plays a fundamental role as a tool for administration, with the capacity to assume all transactions between clients and companies. However, in the market there are thousands of CRM sales software options and it can be difficult to choose the best option for the company. Functionalities, price, adaptation to the activity and structure of the organization, are just some aspects in which any company or business must think before choosing.

How to choose a CRM software

To begin, you must be clear about what a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is. It is a system that allows you to record all the interactions a company has with its customers.

The million dollar question is; What is the best CRM for my company? And the answer should be, the one that best suits what your business needs. To help you decide, let's see what options should be taken into account to make a good choice:

Define what goals you want to achieve CRM software has many features and functions, but may not all be useful for your company, so you have to prioritize the use of a CRM in each area of ​​your company.
Involve your team. Choosing the CRM that best suits the company is a tool that will be used in several areas of work, if the final decision is agreed upon, it will be more beneficial for everyone and its implementation will have more success options. Management, sales, commercial and marketing will have their needs and your opinion will be of interest when choosing CRM. Keep in mind that a CRM is not just a program but a form of work and management, so a change of management system or an implementation of the system requires a good predisposition on the part of all.
Check the compatibility. If you use any tool that you want to integrate with the CRM, you will have to find out if they are compatible. Buying a CRM platform that allows you to adapt instead of choosing standard software can be interesting if you want to customize your sales and marketing CRM.
Take into account the price and implementation term. Obviously the economic aspect is also important, but you will have to analyze it together with the rest of the elements. On the other hand, the time it takes to install and start the CRM is fundamental.
Analyze if it is a scalable product. The CRM that you choose will have to be adapted to the size of your company, because a company with 20 employees is not the same as it is with 1000. On the other hand, you must plan for business growth and if the CRM system you choose can be adapted to that increase.
Take the time that is necessary to choose the CRM that best suits your company, if you think it is necessary, ask the software providers to leave you a trial time or make a demonstration with real data.


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