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Wiring diagram in a private house

Wiring diagram in a private house.

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Before starting electrical installation work, the wiring diagram is first drawn up. With a clear view and power supply concept at hand, wiring is much easier.

Why is a wiring diagram necessary?

Well, first of all, the scheme is needed to compile a list of necessary supplies. That is, having a circuit at hand, the length of the wire, the cross-section of the wire in some areas, the required number of sockets and switches, junction boxes and the place of their marking, etc. are calculated.

Also the wiring layout of the wiring is necessary to determine the installation location and location of power wiring elements, such as: switchboard, automatic switches, metering devices (meters), input of power supply wires and cables.
Figure 1. Overhead power supply.

Recently, energy supplying organizations practice the installation of metering devices on the street, in the introductory switchboard (before the meters were installed inside the house). Therefore, an electric meter and an input circuit breaker are installed in the input panel (you can also install an introductory RCD for selective operation).

From the input panel, the power supply cable or wire is laid to the internal electrical panel located directly inside the house.
With this internal electrical panel, the power supply of the house begins. To make electricity more reliable, consumers are divided into groups. Consider the example of the main consumer groups:

1. Lighting;
2. Rosette group;
3. Power group (boiler, washing machine, boiler, etc.);
4. Khoz. needs (extension, garage, basement, etc.).
In the internal electrical panel for each group of consumers are installed separate protection devices (automatic, ouzo).

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