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Generator Tariel Kapanadze.

Generator Tariel Kapanadze.

The free energy generators (BIG) of Tariel Kannada is a perfect example of the impossible at first glance. The output power of the generators demonstrated by the author (more than 10 different designs) ranges from 200 W to 5 kW. Voltage 240 Volts 50 Hz. Starting is carried out from the battery, after which the battery is disconnected, and the generator operates offline for an unlimited time.

Kapanadze has kept his technological secrets for many years and is trying to find investors. At the same time, thousands of enthusiasts around the world are trying to repeat the generators of the author's videos. Few succeed. We bring to your attention
Guide for self-assembly of the generator

The generator showed stable operation at a load of 2 KW (electric heater). The scheme is absolutely working, and failures with the replication of the installation are entirely due to the lack of understanding of the principle of operation. Tesla's words that the current through the discharger should pass only in one direction is not just a phrase, but a guide to action.
At first glance, the generator is not very convenient because the arrester is used, but as practice shows, the arrester in such structures is much more durable and more reliable than semiconductors.
For the specified sum, you never buy a ready-made device anywhere, but perhaps you will only need to describe the principle of the generator. The scheme is quite simple, but the mode of operation is very complicated. Knowing the answers to basic questions, you are likely to make your own BTG.
By purchasing the Guide, you can count on consultation during the assembly process. There is no complicated electronics in the generator. The design is ingeniously simple.
The manual was updated and supplemented, November 2018. Who already has the old version, the update can be purchased at a discount.
If this amount seems too large, see "What's in the bank at Kapanadze".
If you need a generator only for heating, see High Efficiency Heat Generator

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