Wiring plan apartment online. Electrical wiring design of apartment - Extra Know

Wiring plan apartment online. Electrical wiring design of apartment

Wiring plan apartment online. Electrical wiring design of apartment
There are a sufficient number of programs designed for wiring design. It is worth considering the electrical wiring design using similar tools in more detail. One such tool is electrical programs. The possibilities are rather broad and you can get help with the application in relation to the question under consideration:
  1. Calculate the power supply.
  2. Calculate the voltage loss.
  3. Determine the required cable length and section.
  4. Select the required material.
  5. Determine the amount required. Lighting fixtures and layout, power calculation plan (used for uniform lighting)

You must consider the number, range, type, power, and specifications of the equipment required for wiring calculations. A typical work plan is:
  1. Definitions of electrical consumers, types and power.
  2. Image and cross-section calculation of wire.
  3. A connection diagram is created (drawn).
  4. Route wiring according to the available scheme.

For example, the plan will consider the performance of the electricity program.

Electrical wiring design - Electrical technology program and electrical circuit design

All work related to the wiring design of an apartment begins with the establishment of a special plan.

The schema must contain many parameters. For example:
  1. Apartment, house or plot area. It depends on the amount of material needed, as well as the number of consumer devices and the location of the sockets. One outlet per 6m2 must be installed according to the rules (there must be at least three in the kitchen and at least one in the bathroom). , Special spray version).
  2. Energy consumption (depending on wire section selection).
  3. The wiring diagram should be safe.

With this program you can draw your electrical circuit and think independently through your work plan. To do this, set the program to its original value, and the results are displayed on the screen in the roughly drawn image format of the site. An electrician draws a diagram using special icons that reflect circuit elements.
Electrical wiring design - Wiring image calculation using program

Wire coils are commonly used when wiring is done on an industrial scale. It is important that apartment owners clearly calculate the amount of cable they need to avoid excess charges. You must remember that you can not buy a "reserve" wire, you must have a certain stock. Therefore, the stock in the switch or socket should be 20-30 cm and in the spotlight it should be able to reach half a meter. Of course you can do it manually, but using special programs can be done quantitatively faster. To see how many wires you need, select the "Footage" tab at the bottom of the posting window. A schematic three-dimensional image of the room opens with an empty square, and you must enter the length, width, and height of the room, the number of sockets and the height of the floor, and the luminaire connection point. Then click "Calculate" and the "Post" will immediately provide the result. Obviously, you can add a few meters to the "spare".
Electrical Design - Wire Sections and Calculation

The wiring of the apartment starts after calculating the wiring cross section according to the projected power. One of the standard methods for calculating cable cross-sectional area is based on current density. To do this, you need to know the same value for copper conductors as 6 - 10 A / mm2. In other words, a wire with a cross-sectional area of ​​1 mm2 can withstand loads of 10 A (2 mm2 to 20 A). Assuming that the voltage of the apartment is 220V, the current of 20A can guarantee the function of the consumer of 4.5kW. At the same time the cable is not heated. It also meets the rule that copper wire with a cross-sectional area of ​​1 - 1.5 mm 2 is used for lighting and the sockets are 1.5 - 2.5 mm 2. This is because lighting devices with a power of more than 3 are not used in apartments. KW produces a power consumer, ie, a double margin, with a current intensity of 15A and a power consumption of less than 5.5 kW. Remember that incorrect calculation of the cross section can cause wiring to overheat! The standard method does not work to calculate the cross section of the input cable.

To calculate the cross-section of the supply wire, you must consider the following:
  1. The characteristics of the equipment to which the cable will be raised.
  2. How to put it?
  3. The length of the line.
4. Type of insulation.
  5. The number that lived.

You can use an electrical program to reduce the time and avoid manual calculations. To calculate the cross-section in the task pane, check the current (220V) type in the box, display "Cable" in the column, select "3-wire from air and duct" in the cable installation and display "Tray, Duct". The material is marked "copper". Then, in the graph coefficients. Choose efficiency and utilization. Put the calculation of length value and force. If you want to know the above and enter a value at the appropriate location, you must click "Calculate I / P" and the program calculates the desired value of the section.

Similarly, a calculation is made for the number of fixtures.
  As the example shows, the program for electrical design greatly simplifies and accelerates all processes involved in these calculations. Everything goes down by putting a value in the required column. The program then calculates everything on its own. Draw the wiring diagram.

In his professional activity, electrical engineers often have to do a lot of sophisticated calculations on various parameters of the electrical system, depicting electrical circuits, and selecting other equipment. This operation is time consuming. There are many useful programs for electricians who are designed to calculate various parameters, drawing, and so on.

The main goal of the program is to greatly simplify the work of the electrician by minimizing the time spent performing calculations or drawing circuits as electricians often meet. This article considers the most common programs for electrical engineers.

Electrical program

I will start the program review with the electric multifunctional program. The possibilities of this program are very wide. So in this program you can do the following:

Calculates the power of the device for a known value of 1 or 2. The three-phase current and vice versa are the same. That is, it is possible to determine the electric power and the consumed electric current as the electric energy of the single-phase consumer and the three-phase consumer.

Determination Rated current For a given conductor cross-section, taking into account other conditions as well as the installation method;

Calculate the voltage loss value in the network.

Given parameters to determine the desired cross-section of the wire, cable (special cable);

Check the selected cable (wire) according to various criteria.

The "Electric" program has an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

This program will be useful to homeowners as well as useful functional engineers. For example, this program can calculate the amount of wires needed for apartment wiring.

In addition to the great features of this program, you should also notice another benefit. It is absolutely free.

For more information on how to work with the program "Electric", please see here:

The program "Mobile Electrical"

You do not always have access to your computer these days, but your phone is always with me. We pay attention to another program for electric engineer "Mobile Electrician". The program has many useful features that are essential to both professional electric technicians and home owners.

With the help of a "mobile electrical technician", you can calculate the required cross-sectional area of ​​a wire or cable, select the required protective device, and calculate the rated current of the wire (cable). The big advantage is that the program is always near and can easily calculate the parameters needed at the right time.

Think of a program called "Compass Electric". The program is designed for equipment design and further documentation development in the electrical industry. This program greatly simplifies the document creation process when designing a variety of equipment because most elements are automatically generated.

The program consists of two parts (modules) of the schema editor and database. The Schematic Editor allows you to create several types of schemes that end with element layout in electrical circuits. This module contains a list of elements used in the diagrams and tables, describing the possibility of creating specifications, how to connect them or other circuit elements.

The database contains all the components used in the project. By default, this program module contains up to 6,000 different types of products and hundreds of graphics. Legends Used for the design of various equipment (low voltage equipment, automation system dispatcher control, various automation devices and relay protection). Users can also import databases of symbols, finished products, and attributes.

There is another program of similar scope and functionality to Compass-Electric.
The schema is the main document of the electrical engineer and acts as a guide when performing. Various works, assembly and repair. There are many programs that can draw the current diagram. Think of a popular program to create an electrical circuit "sPlan".

This program is distributed as a fee but is worth the money. It is very convenient to create some complex plans in this program. This program has a very user-friendly interface and does not require much time for mastering. This product is widely used by students and professional electrician.
There are many electrical components in this program. It is therefore suitable for images of plans for various purposes and types. In "sPlan", everyone finds the necessary elements for an image of a particular scheme. Students can easily describe electrical circuitry, engineer-disconnection diagrams of a lathe Electrical network specialist.
In this program, you can specify nominal data and other representations for each element of an electrical circuit. Creating a scheme in "sPlan" is quick and simple. Simply select the required elements and drag and drop them into the scheme area.

In addition to the above advantages of this program, it is important to note that you can print large formats on regular printers. In other words, pictures in A1 format can be divided into multiple A4 sheets. It is very convenient if you can not print large format.

An example of creating a scheme in the sPlan program is as follows:

Electronic Product Launcher

Consider another program called "Beginning Electronics" that can appeal to novice electricians. This program is an electronic designer who simulates the processes in electrical engineering. In other words, electric circuits can be measured due to various complexities. In general, everything is done in real physical experiments. This is the only advantage. All experiments performed in the program are virtual and do not pose a potential hazard, such as the actual experience in the laboratory.

The "Beginning Electronics" program helps students study the principles of using various laws of electrical engineering and the use of protective devices, learn practical techniques to determine various amounts and study various phenomena.

In general, human energy consumption is increasing. There is a struggle for energy conservation, but it is designing new benefits of civilization at a much faster rate. Civilization consumes considerable energy when selling millions of dollars. In relatively recent times, the entire list appliances had only an incandescent bulb in its house. Then the fridge and the iron started to appear and a little later television appeared. Bulb Improvement and Inventive Fluorescent Lamps Throttle then Lamp Pulse, Halogen and LED. In general, they have not undergone change and only insulation has been improved to reduce the engine output of the compressor. Television switched from a lamp to a transistor and then to an integrated circuit, resulting in a liquid crystal matrix. I used all kinds of heaters and heaters with these devices.

You can read this article about wiring. We used wires made of aluminum conductors for the apartment wiring. The cross-section was 2.5 mm 2 and was able to withstand 18A or 3.96kW of wiring at a voltage of 220V. Typical one-bedroom apartments consist of 12 light bulbs with 60W each, a 170W refrigerator, a 120W TV, and 1KW of iron. All electrical goods. Total: 12 * 60 + 170 + 120 + 1000 = 2010 W - apartment consumption, wiring can transmit 3960 W. In this case, the layout was a trunk. One cable was used from the shield to all the junction boxes. The layout of each room is radial. There are many cables separate from each box in each box. The cable core sections of bulbs, sockets, and switches must be identical. This is done because the backbone common network is protected by an automaton designed with a current of 16A. Lowering the section does not meet the protection requirements of each line.

Energy conservation has continued, and now the amount of electric equipment is 12 60 W bulb, 170W refrigerator, TV - 120W, iron - 1kW, electric kettle - 2kW, washing machine - 3kW, microwave - 1.2kW, electric oven - 3.5kW. The results are as follows. 2010 + 2000 + 3000 + 1200 + 3500 = 11710 W. These loads correspond to the 10 meter square copper section. This is obviously too much, if you use all of these devices at the same time, use that device. If the party is opened and as much cooking as possible is needed in the shortest possible time, the overload will likely cause the protective circuit breaker to disconnect the device. Otherwise, the wires will be exhausted.

Therefore, it is always good to design the wiring of the apartment under the available equipment and reserve for the future. You will need to bring each room separately and charge your electrical equipment.

kitchen. Electric oven 3500W, refrigerator 170W, electric kettle 2000W, microwave 1200W, lighting 180W, mixer 160W. Total maximum power P = 3500 + 170 + 2000 + 1200 + 180 + 160 = 7210W. The nearest high output is about 7920 W (corresponding to a current of 36 A) and a cable with a 4 mm copper conductor cross section, such as VVG 3 * 4, is required for installation. Installation of these cables is somewhat complicated because they are not flexible and difficult to bend. Therefore, if you use a lot of equipment in one cable, you have to divide the equipment into several groups. You can then use multiple cables in smaller sections. Here, you must connect the electric oven with a separate cable for the load. VVG cable 3 * 1.5 is very suitable because it can withstand 3740W of power. The remaining power in the kitchen is P = 7210-3500 = 3710W. This power supply can transmit the cable VVG 3 * 1.5 properly. However, since the kitchen is a room with high temperature and humidity. Cable section should expand. In total, for the kitchen we need two cables of VVG type 3 * 2.5. If the automatic switch trip current is 24A and the oven is suspended from a single cable and consumes 3500W at a current of 3500/220 = 15.9A, it must of course be protected automatically by 16A. It is not important that more cables can be transferred. Let it still send 3500W, and over time, other dishwashers will be added to the same group, and the machine can be increased to 24A, but not more. It is important to understand that equipment protects equipment and cables, but in everyday life all equipment moves freely around the apartment, protecting the cables and protecting the equipment by protecting the circuit.


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