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Who invented electricity in what year: the history of discovery.

Who invented electricity in what year: the history of discovery.

In the life of modern man plays a huge role electricity. Until now, many do not understand how people used to live without electric current. In our homes there is a light, all household appliances, starting from a telephone and ending with a computer, work from electrical voltage. Who invented electricity and in what year it happened, not everyone knows. At the same time, this discovery laid the foundation for a new period in the history of mankind.
Towards the emergence of electricity

The ancient Greek philosopher Thales, who lived in the 7th century BC, found out that if you rub amber on wool, small objects will begin to attract to the stone. Only many years later, in 1600, the English physicist William Gilbert coined the term "electricity". From this point on, scientists began to pay attention to him and conduct research in this area. In 1729, Stephen Gray proved that electricity can be transmitted at a distance. An important step was taken after the French scientist Charles Dufet discovered, as he believed, the existence of two types of electricity: resin and glass.

The first to try to explain what electricity is was Benjamin Franklin, whose portrait is now adorned on a hundred dollar bill. He believed that all substances in nature had a "special fluid." In 1785 the law of Coulomb was discovered. In 1791, the Italian scientist Galvani investigated muscle contraction in animals. He found out by conducting experiments on a frog that the muscles are constantly excited by the brain and transmit nerve impulses.
A huge step towards the study of electricity was made in 1800 by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, who invented and invented a galvanic cell - a constant current source. In 1831, the Englishman Michael Faraday invented the electric generator, which worked on the basis of electromagnetic induction.

The outstanding scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla made a huge contribution to the development of electricity. He created appliances that are still used in everyday life. One of his most famous works is the AC motor, on the basis of which the alternator was created. He also conducted work in the field of magnetic fields. They allowed the use of alternating current in electric motors.

Another scientist who contributed to the development of electricity was George Om, who experimentally derived the law of the electrical circuit. Another prominent scientist was Andre-Marie Ampere. He invented the design of the amplifier, which was a coil with turns.

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