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Water meter installation rules in apartments. DIY Installation: Instructions.

Water meter installation rules in apartments. DIY Installation: Instructions.

Nowadays, the rule of installing a water meter in an apartment is a fairly local problem. Since 2013, installation of such devices is essential in Russia and all consumers must purchase such devices. In fact, many people have already decided to use it for a long period of time because they can get good savings that can help save money immediately.

As these requirements have been introduced, various plumbing companies have significantly increased the service costs in this area, and many people want to save considerably and install completely independently, but in this case you first need to know the water meter installation rules in your apartment. If you observe, do not use the indicator because no one seals this device. So many experts say the installation process itself is not too time-consuming and tedious to walk through all the relevant authorities.
Characteristics of private houses

If you live in a certain part of a private house, there are special rules for installing a water meter in an apartment in this case. In particular, many people are wondering if it is legitimate for many companies that seal water meters to refuse when water meters are installed elsewhere than the main water supply system.

To understand exactly where you need to install the meter, you must correctly handle the current rule and the building code.

In accordance with current legislation, meters for warm or cold water entrances must be installed in a convenient and easily accessible space, with natural and artificial lighting, as well as air temperatures above + 5 ° C, for the building's exterior walls. A separate note to this clause stipulates that if the meter can not be installed in a building, the rules for installing a water meter in an apartment provide the possibility of installing the building outside the building of the private room.
Where can I put it?
In this regard, there are several conditions that must be met, depending on the location of the gauge.

    All rooms that are always accessible should be located near the exterior walls of the building.
    Natural or artificial lighting must be on site.
    Ambient temperature should be 5 ° C or higher.

Under such conditions, it may only be installed in special wells if it is not possible to install a meter inside the building. It is worth noting that the management company does not have the right to require you to install equipment directly in the well, as the location of such specialized wells is never regulated.

Water meter installation rules providing mandatory seals are verified by judicial decisions taken since 2010.

In addition, current law not only raises the risk of accidental property destruction, but also the obligation to maintain it, the owner, ie the safety and corresponding conditions for the use of the meter, is solely the responsibility of the owner.
high rise

Residents of multi-storey buildings often face another problem, such as the installation of a general housing meter. Many people do not know whether the water meter is already installed in each apartment and whether the management company is likely to request the installation of a universal meter, according to the rules for installing a water meter.

In fact, according to the law, even if there is a meter for warm water and cold water in each apartment, the management company is actually obliged to request or install a separate household meter. In other words, such requirements are fairly reasonable.
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