Three-phase network cabling around the house. Wiring diagrams in the apartment. AV and RCD connection in the apartment. - Extra Know

Three-phase network cabling around the house. Wiring diagrams in the apartment. AV and RCD connection in the apartment.

Three-phase network cabling around the house. Wiring diagrams in the apartment.AV and RCD connection in the apartment.

The board itself is connected to an electric meter. The power supply of the studio is provided by the electrical panel located on the landing. In front of the counter, they also set up an AB apartment and a UZO apartment. Their technical characteristics should depend on the total power of the electrical appliances that will be used in the apartment.

However, there is a nuance. You may have placed in the one-room apartment a number of household appliances that can reach 6 to 8 kilowatts. It is logical that apartments AB and RCD are calculated for at least 37 amps (8,000 watts / 220 volts = 36.36 amperes).

However, installing such AB and RCD is not practical. The reason is that most homes have old electrical wiring. This means that 20 to 30 years ago, 1.3 to 2 kilowatts were allocated to an apartment and not to 8. It is clear that if you turn on appliances with more power in an apartment, you will turn off the electrical panel which is located at the entrance.

According to professional electricians, the maximum load on home wiring with appliances in an apartment can reach 4.3 kilowatts. Such power cabling of the house can still withstand.

As a result, this figure is fundamental for the implementation of all calculations and the selection of the circuit breaker, the differential, and the common thread.

In cases where the power of the peripherals included will be greater than 4.3 kilowatts, some of them will have to be turned off independently. Otherwise, the main machine will turn off the whole apartment.
As a result, an AB apartment should be designed for 25 to 32 amps. The number of amperes depends on the size of the one-room apartment. For small apartments you can take AB at 25 amps. In this case, the current margin of between 1.3 and 1.5 should be taken into account. A DDR must be designed for 50 to 30 μA.
Wiring in the living room

In fig. 2 It should be noted that the lighting of the corridor and the living room is created with two different outlines. In practice, it is possible to illuminate the corridor and the living room from the same circuit. A chandelier or spotlights, as well as lamps in the hallway, probably do not have a power exceeding two kilowatts.
In this case, the chandelier and switch wires of the living room should be placed through a hole in the wall. The cable section, which will be used for the lighting circuit, may be 1.5 square meters. millimeter. Rated current the circuit breaker of this circuit must be ten amperes.

The same should be the outlines for the lights in the bathroom and the kitchen. In principle, for the lamps of these two rooms, a circuit can be laid.
  In fig. Figure 2 shows that the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom are suitable for the branches to which the outlets are connected.

Each of these branches must be equipped with an AB for 25 amps and a DDR for 30A and 30μA. Our system involves the installation of two double sockets in the living room.

Helpful tip: The location of outlets can be determined independently. However, they must be behind the electrical devices. Therefore, before designing socket placement should design the location electrical appliances as well as furniture. The receptacles themselves must be located at a height of 30 centimeters above the ground and 15 centimeters from the corner of the wall.

The number of shots depends directly on the number of electrical devices. At the same time, another rule states that there should be one outlet per six square meters. In the case of a bath and a kitchen, there should be two outlets for that area.

The branch branch must be created using copper cable whose cross section is not less than 2.5 square meters. millimeters. Of course, the section can be determined using tabulation. 1. In this case, you must know the maximum power of electrical appliances.

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