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The profession of Electrical Engineering Engineer.

The profession of Electrical Engineering Engineer.

The electrical engineer is responsible for setting up, maintaining and monitoring the equipment and electrical installations of a company.
Sometimes overseeing a team of technicians, he anticipates risks and provides solutions. As part of his job, he also deals with organization, customer relations, management, budget management, purchasing and supplies.

The missions of an engineer in post
The electrical engineer is in charge of many missions:
First, it must define the various installation and maintenance tasks for a system, then plan and monitor the operations to be performed. Another facet of his work consists in managing an internal team that carries out the interventions and regularly informs himself of the regulations in force. Finally, he carries out service contracts and advises companies as an expert.

What training should be done?
To become an engineer in electrical engineering, it is advisable to prepare an engineering degree in electrical engineering or a master's degree in engineering with electrical engineering degree + 5. Other courses lead to this profession, such as masters in automation, electronics, electronics, electrical engineering and industrial computing, or telecommunications.
What opportunities does training offer?
The engineer in electrical engineering can work in large public companies like Areva or EDF. He works most often in the sectors of activity of the design of converters or electronic components, design of electrical machines, for the local or embedded electrical networks (plane, train, boat), but also in the sectors of the steel industry, the Construction, petroleum industry, electric induction heating (microwave, hotplates), equipment manufacturers, etc.

Qualifications for this position
electrical engineering
To become an engineer in complete electrical engineering, you will have to be open to know the various regulations and electrical standards, be comfortable with computer tools, but also be able to respect the costs, time and quality of a project.

The salary of Electrical Engineering Engineer
The salary of the electrical engineering engineer starts at 38 000 € per year and culminates at more than 88 000 € for an engineer in electrical engineering at the end of his career.
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