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The inventor of a "free energy" machine

The inventor of a "free energy" machine

First, "free energy" refers to the idea of ​​a system that can produce energy by drawing on an unlimited source. An energy produced without the constraints of oil, sun and wind, but which can continue to produce energy for twenty-four hours, seven days a week, for an infinite duration without ever running out of energy. "Free", in this sense, does not refer to the production of free energy, in the monetary sense of the term, despite the fact that the human race has more than enough potential and technology to achieve it.

If all countries in the world had access to unlimited energy production, the consequences would be enormous. Take the example of poverty, many parts of the world suffer from lack of electricity. Free energy would transform all aspects of humanity, including the entire global economy, much of which currently depends on oil.
Does such a machine exist? The answer is yes, and there are several examples using different types of technologies and scientific knowledge. An example comes from the NOCA clean energy, with what they call the "Digital Magnetic Transducer Generator". It is a clean and magnetic form of green technology that can, if extended, power entire cities. The team of Collective Evolution saw and verified the technology.
This article, however, focuses primarily on Paramahamsa Tewari. Tewari is an author, inventor and retired executive director (nuclear projects) of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL).
Tewari invented a machine that produces more power than is injected into the system.
"To my surprise, these concepts have been proven in hundreds of labs around the world, but have not really emerged." Brian O'Leary, former NASA astronaut and professor of physics at Princeton ( source)

Photo below: O'leary with Tewari. He has received praise from several important personalities, including the legendary quantum physicist John Wheeler, who has admired his work. You can see this correspondence here.

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