The ability to dream, the power to create. - Extra Know

The ability to dream, the power to create.

The ability to dream, the power to create.

This master's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering addresses the growing needs of interconnected sectors of science and technology. It trains researchers and high-level professionals in the fields of electricity and electronics.
Objectives of the program
This program proposes three main orientations: electronics and microelectronics, information technology and electrical energy.

On a regular basis, students attend courses taught by internationally renowned faculty members, and participate in numerous group projects and practical laboratory assignments. The Master's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of this discipline.

Our graduates are prepared for a wide range of professions in the fields of electronics (micro, nano, RF, VLSI), information technologies mainly oriented towards the physical layer (radio-frequencies, photonics, signal processing and images, multimedia communication), electrical energy (renewable energies, smart grids, microgrids, energy storage, power quality, industrial electronics, power electronics, energy conversion, electrical machinery), engineering biomedical and space technologies.

Our Master is an excellent preparation for both doctoral research and the professional world in high technology industries and technology.
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You will find a complete study plan with a list and a description of the courses, as well as detailed information about the composition of your program on the dedicated pages of the section of the electrical and electronic engineering section.

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