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Shots of a free energy generator "Symetrical Homopolar" !!!

Shots of a free energy generator "Symetrical Homopolar" !!!

It may be a long time to download but you will not be disappointed and especially do the promotion at any time ....

I am part of the designers and we do not want / can not patent the concept to remain anonymous but wish to share it because to the point where is the humanity is still the best, we have other concepts still in the same style ...
especially as magnetization on demand magnets offers other possible geometries which we hope that the experimenters discover them alone!

In fact, the principle as simple as it is awesome is the following: the magnetic doors are PERMALLOY plates 80 per cent Ni, the thickness is chosen so as to completely cut the magnetic flux of the magnets to build the machine, from 5 mm thick is almost total including the most powerful magnets ....

Now imagine the principle of a simple bicycle dynamo as in image attached, as you see the magnet turns which has serious drawbacks all known including significant forces opposing the rotation, now imagine all fixed and the magnet of the fixed bicycle dynamo, imagine that now the magnetic flux is cut by a plate or a piece of permalloy which would pass with a regular frequency between the gap of the dynamo and the poles of the magnet, c is exactly the same as if the magnet were rotating but without all the disadvantages.
The attached freecad document describes the manufacture of an optimized machine to produce DC power up to the key to fix the pulley ....
If the two permalloy plates are not shifted as in the attached freecad plane then the machine will produce alternating current with a frequency directly related to the rotational speed of the axis.
The construction details of the optimized coils are not given here but the machine will already work very well with simple coils made of a soft iron core and a conventional winding in the strictest rules of the art, which will be glued to be fixed for example with silicone or polyurethane foam, for our part we are studying optimized coils with a complex geometry consisting of grain oriented magnetic sheets and using Litz wire, the wiring of the coils is left to the imagination of the builders, it is mainly to stick the wires along the walls.
Note that it is easy to computer model the ideal coil according to his knowledge or the desired result using freefem comsol or feem under windows
Generally the speed of rotation of the machine is limited by the size of the coil from a few thousand revolutions per minute the coils can begin to heat .... Massive reels with threads that are not "too thin" are therefore a good thing about here is not to make a course of magnetism for dummies but to recall see image attached here experiment 3.
And basic rules of magnetism (Maxwell Faraday Lenz etc) and induced currents (more the cutoff frequency of the magnetic flux in the coil is raised the greater the current produced will be great, etc ...) the patents that we should have quoted to patent our machine are among others those of kunel and bearden ... at home it's the same thing as at home but nothing moves out the fixed magnetic doors we explored the subject and must conclude that there are few solutions public with that for the moment ... Tesla's quote too .... although here we transform the constant magnetic field of the magnet of the physical properties of the universe as well as that of the present elements and the crystalline structure of this one, it is about a rupture of symmetry ... ..je suggest you to present the thing in your way for example by exploring the freecad file and taking out the views that seem to you
Good luck.

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