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Professional prospects

Professional prospects

Once the bachelor program and then an accomplished master program, you are ready to enter the professional world.

Focusing on the three areas of skills mentioned above, your training in electrical and electronic engineering offers you broad perspectives. Your degree in your pocket, many of you will choose to move towards business and the industrial world. You will then have the opportunity to work in the transport sector or in the energy sector, two sectors whose development continues to grow in importance.

You can also participate in the design and implementation of complex circuits based on technologies used in computers, multimedia systems, intelligent systems or embedded systems. In addition, given the evolution of society, you can also consider opportunities in health-related areas, particularly in the development of biotechnology. Whatever the field chosen, your training will enable you to invent tomorrow's solutions as well as to efficiently manage complex industrial processes or assume project management responsibilities.

It is also possible that at the end of your master's degree, you would like to deepen your knowledge in a specific field by doing a doctorate, a path that opens the doors of an academic career. Finally, given the very strong growth of applications related to electricity, an alternative is to start your own business.

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