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Make a free energy generator

Make a free energy generator.

You have been deceived for at least a century by powerful, evil, lobbies who actually rule this world by selecting their docile puppet representatives (The Bushers of Baghdad, Obama, Sarkozy, Merkel, and so on) Algerians, the assassins of MITIDJA (1) that we know). Which, for example, at the beginning of the last century answered Nikola Tesla about his idea of ​​generating free electric energy produced by drawing directly into the inexhaustible energy vacuum of the universe, also making this energy accessible in any part of the wireless world: "But, Mr. Tesla where are we going to put the meter? ", The main shareholder of Tesla projects this was already JP Morgan, which quickly cut the food (credit), we understand that to continue to exploit fossil resources and make the most profit between friends ...

 Undoubtedly fed up with all this beautiful world and its servile scientists, ZARYAD, a super-interesting Russian site (to follow absolutely), has recently put online a (other) super-interesting video. It is a method for producing energy, especially in electrical form, and almost free of charge by "consuming the void of the universe" based on the real properties of the emptiness of the universe. Yes, the emptiness is not empty, it is an ocean of invisible energy in a dimension (under space) that we do not perceive by our senses and the common of our technology. To you then the lester hendershot generator from A to Z, a fuelless energy generator, invented by the American physicist Hendershot Lester. So here is all the tips and tricks to realize this free (forbidden) energy source that can not become popular because of the power companies (the current system scam) but that you can now easily assemble at home . I would like to thank the author of this important site, because few specialists dare to break the silence, disgusted by a fascist system.

 (1) - Today densely populated and industrialized, MITIDJA was before its death in 1962 the richest and vast agricultural plains of Algeria (1,300 square kilometers).

  And for the realization of this generator you will not need platinum or uranium or magic crystals. Here is the list of tools and materials needed, everything you can buy at a store, and assemble the generator at home. And good luck well electrified at the expense of the Princess in full recession!

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