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Free energy starts!

Free energy starts!

After some difficulties the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) started on April 28, 2014!
Some final adjustments from Jamie before plugging QEG for the first time!
A small team in Morocco located in Aouchtam built and began testing with the first QEG free energy motor model from Morocco on the night of April 28, 2014 under the ovations of the crowds who came to watch this premiere!
The heart of inverted QEG

Once the plans of the QEG put online in March 2014 on the internet it was necessary to translate them from the original English!
We asked Levong, our Russian scholar, even if English is not his native language, to translate and give descriptions of the different parts to build the device!
Then we had to find the different elements, some were available in Morocco, but for others it was necessary to order them abroad!
The Core arrived fairly quickly at the Casablanca customs, but its reception was delayed due to customs regulations!
For the tree we ordered one that did not arrive, then another that was stolen!

All this delayed the manufacture of the generator!
More than 10 days of work together to get to the start of the engine that will operate the Generator!
For this test there were engineers and specialists from at least 5 different countries, builders ... and a television team from the UK with their professional video camera and very high tech equipment to measure every aspect of the production of the "supernumerary" QEG!
We celebrated the Champagne event that was waiting in the fridge and Jamie, Hope and Lisa blew the caps (without losing an eye!) And we shared the glass of friendship with all our friends to celebrate this new era who arrives with free energy and this very exciting evening!

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