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Free Energy Generator Schemes

Free Energy Generator Schemes

If you need new developments of free energy generators and their schemes, you will find them on this site. But before you try to extract energy from the ether, you need to learn very clearly: the generator of free energy is not so simple as it seems.

A fuel-free generator (BTG, generator of free energy, energy from the air, etc.) is a device that generates electricity without fuel consumption. At present, there is a rather large practical interest in BTG, apparently related to the steady decline in citizens' incomes, as a result of the communal payments dreaming of getting rid of cargo.

Scientists without fuel generators are not interested and have never been interested. Moreover: the mention of BTG in scientific circles is considered a sign of bad taste, due to the fundamental academic opinion that it is impossible to receive more than was spent. Meanwhile, academicians have long learned to get more, although this does not apply to the science of physics, but is limited only to science economics.

It so happened that the Russian Academy of Sciences is no longer engaged in physics. But amateurs are engaged in physics, and they do it at a good level. A modern home laboratory is often as capable as a university laboratories, and there are more incentives for an amateur. After all, an amateur does not create for the sake of money and not for a career, but in an effort to understand the essence of things. It is thanks to amateur experiments and there are new developments of free energy generators.

But the world is full of villains exploiting the theme of free energy in mercantile interests. Scoundrels are big and small. There is no need to go far for examples, you can at least take Tesla electric car manufacturing corporation. A lot of paranoids around the world have made a prepayment of the corporation and not once. And they will also contribute, because, as you know, Ponte is not free, but to get the passion, as you want. The villains are smaller, they simply use the phrase "free energy generator" to attract visitors to their sites. Enough to collect on the site any ernundy, and the arrival is guaranteed.
Those who sell free energy devices on the Internet at the price of the cheapest gas generators rely on absolute idiots who don’t distinguish the bolt of the screw, but are pathologically greedy. As you know, greed, we suffer without exception, and greed is fertile ground for idiocy. When the number of idiots among citizens exceeds 60%, the country falls apart. Examples from recent history - the USSR and Ukraine. Russia is now teetering on the brink.

Of course, free energy devices exist, but no experimenter, as a rule, brings such a device to the state of the goods. This is just not interesting. Man got the result, confirmed his guesses - and that's enough. Sometimes it starts looking for investors. As soon as he finds - neither man nor generator. Believe me, this is not a conspiracy. Simply, the investor first of all exposes the author to non-disclosure of the scheme and other details, and then, under various pretexts, refuses to finance the development. And that's it: the goldfish hit the slave nets.

If you need a free energy generator, do not expect a successful purchase. You can buy, of course, but not on sales of any unnecessary, but on a large occasion, by finding personal contact with the author and convincing him that you are the buyer to whom you can give a single copy. Probability near zero.

But there is a clan BTG-Schnick. This is a fairly closed organization, where there is an exchange of experience and "semi-finished products". Around the clan there is a hefty extras of talkers and provocateurs. You can go through the crowd in only one way - by proving your own level with your hands and supporting your head. To do this, at least, you need to start doing something.

Practical schemes of free energy generators are abundant in thematic forums. Of course, most of the schemes are not working, but who prevents you from filtering information?
If you just need to buy BTG at the touch of a button, forget it. Buy yourself a diesel generator, stock up on diesel and enjoy life. Over time, in 10-20 years, there may be something on sale, but for now the situation does not contribute. We still have some oil.

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