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Free and free energy: permanent magnet motor ... it's possible?

Free Energy is the infinite and unlimited energy of the Zero point

Hello, I propose you to discover more about free energy, the energy of the future. This article is not intended to be exhaustive, the subject is vast. This presentation only scratches the surface of the true potential of these technologies so far removed.

This article focuses more on permanent magnet motor concepts that yield more than 100% (up to 300%, that is, they produce more electricity than they consume).

Free energy is unlimited, free, it does not pollute and free energy releases the energy enslavement of non-renewable fossil energies and green energies rather pale green than dark to which we currently have access.

Let's start by seeing that this energy, we probably would have (had!) Access it long ago if it had not been at least set aside or at worst "confiscated". The video below shows it perfectly, researchers with certain genius, had designed and manufactured machines that perfectly demonstrated the principle of this energy, invisible and yet present everywhere.

"Free energy, what to know ...": a video made by SACR TV.
Let's first define what we call "free energy". Free energy is for us a convertible energy in usable form from an inexhaustible source. It is a perfectly decentralized energy, allowing each household to have its own source, without the energy being conveyed by cables, from a centralized source producing it. The goal is citizen autonomy and the return of real freedoms ...

We also specify that free energy has absolutely nothing to do with perpetual motion. The latter is often badly associated with free energy, for the sole purpose of discrediting any possibility of generating this form of energy. We say it clearly: perpetual motion is simply technically impossible, so we will not deal with this useless subject.

Fossil energies have had their day, nuclear energy too, has given way to the energy revolution that will crown the advent of a serene future and the well-being of our future generations, resting on the ruins of a world based on pride and mercantile spirit.
She is not afraid of risking the petrodollar countries by giving her support to the AC generator without synchronous reaction invented by her own citizen; Paramahamsa Tewari. He is an electrical engineer and former executive director of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India.
A few years ago, Tewari also demonstrated theories inside the homopolar engine of the Bruce de Palma, who first exposed this writer to the world of free energy technologies.

Obviously, a country can not implement its own free energy program without considering the possible consequences. The petrodollar countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the USA, can intervene militarily to prevent this country from making available to its inhabitants this free energy! This is why India has aligned its own military program with that of Russia, which is currently standing with the BRICS countries.

In the past, the BRICS Alliance has promised to release all deleted technologies such as free energy, for our own responsible use. They seem to respect their word.

BRICS: Group of 5 countries including: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

As a reminder, here is our article on the Indian free energy engine:

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