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Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecom

Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecom

Departments of the concerned X / referents
-Applied mathematics
Information and Communication Technologies: Stéphane Lengrand
Electrical Engineering: Yvan Bonnassieux
Industrial Technology Management: Patrick Le Tallec

Articulation 3A / 4A
The 3rd year programs that follow may lead to a 4th year in this discipline.
NB: The list below does not take into account out-of-catalog events or programs.
It is advisable to associate the program / thematic managers with your reflection on the choice of the 4th year.
Managers: Albert COHEN (IT department), Yvan BONNASSIEUX and Henri-Jean DROUHIN (physical department), Frédéric BONNANS (applied mathematics department)
- Optimization, games and modeling in economics
- Mathematics, Vision and Learning Pathways
Responsible: Grégoire ALLAIRE, Carl GRAHAM, Frédéric BONNANS (Department of Applied Mathematics)
- Thematic Laser, Optics, and Plasmas
Responsible: François HACHE, Patrick MORA (Physical Department)
- Topic From the atom to the material: condensed matter, soft matter, bio- and nano-objects
Managers: Antoines GEORGES, Bertrand REULET (physical department)
Computer program
Person in charge: Gilles DOWEK (IT department)

Domains concerned
-Signal processing
-Treatment of the sound
-Semi drivers
-Components and circuits
-Integrated systems
Transmissions, telecommunications
-Automatic and robotic

Sector overview
Great trends
The electrical and electronics industry totals nearly 80 billion euros of turnover and employs more than 300,000 people in France. The sector is made up of a few large companies and a myriad of SMEs. The current dynamism of construction in France has led to an increase in the manufacture of electrical equipment. In addition, the demand for new technological products (phones and laptops, DVD recorders, flat-screen TVs, etc.) benefits the electronic components market.
The trend is towards rising competition from Asia (China, India), and Latin America.
In order to maintain their grip on the market, major French groups must bet on innovation and upgrading. Investment in R & D will be more and more massive.
The telecommunications industry employs more than 80,000 people in France, and has a turnover of more than 20 billion euros. In the telecoms sector, the operator market is still growing thanks to mobile telephony and high-speed Internet. It is a very competitive market (multiplication of traditional telephone operators and development of Internet telephony).
The share of R & D engineers should increase at the expense of production engineers.
The trend is towards increasing qualifications.
Additional information on industry trends
For more detailed information on recruiting forecasts and economic activity in this sector, you can consult the APEC website, the Association for Executive Employment:
APEC - Labor Market
APEC - Sector Sheets

Trades and actors
The numerous professions to which this field of specialization leads in particular make it possible to:
- design an integrated circuit,
- automate the industrial production tool,
- produce and transport electrical energy,
- optimize the safety of a vehicle,
- imagine new devices,
- develop embedded computing solutions.
The actors are different, depending on whether we are talking about consumer electronics or professional or industrial electronics (defense, or civil, including aeronautics, space, medical).
Electronic component manufacturers
Geographical poles are identified, grouping the manufacturing units and associated services and subcontractors. The region of Grenoble is one of these major centers, we can also mention Corbeil-Essonne, Toulouse or the PACA region.
SSII (Service Companies in Computer Engineering)
Consulting, design, realization, maintenance.
Software publishers
Telecommunication Manufacturers
Consulting Firms

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