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Electrical and electronic engineering.

Electrical and electronic engineering.

Electricity is an indispensable part of our daily life: it is difficult to do without one day. It is a unique resource with a dual property: it is both energy and information vector. Electrical and electronic engineering is constantly at the crossroads of these two areas.
The exploitation of this dual nature of electricity has been accentuated by the exceptional growth of micro and nanoelectronics, which favor the interactions between these two characteristics. It has thus become possible to design ever more complex electronic functions for everyday devices (telephone, computer, MP3 player, etc.), with nanometric components installed on smaller and smaller supports (electronic chip).

Other areas also benefit fully from these advances: biomedical technologies, which have increasingly sensitive sensors, embedded systems or space engineering.

As an electrical engineer, you also participate actively in the development of all the tools (images, sound, multimedia) used by new information and communication technologies. You develop technologies in the fields of acoustics (sound and sound, microphones), wireless antennas or sensors, electromagnetic waves, signal processing (scanning, compression, security), optics, photonics or image analysis.
Energy is also an essential pillar of electrical and electronic engineering education. While the production, transport and storage of electricity remains fundamental, another key challenge is how to manage it in a sustainable way. An example: the uneven energy production of a wind turbine must be absorbed and valorized within a larger network. This operation involves coordination with other sources of energy that are often difficult to achieve. Thanks to your knowledge in the field of power electronics, decentralized power grids, management and rapid communication of information or microelectronics, you will play a major role in the coming decades to provide solutions to energy problems that we have to solve.

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