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Donald Smith Generator

Donald Smith Generator

Smith GeneratorSmith's Lecture by DinatronDonald Smith is one of the brands in the field of free energy, second only to Nikola Tesla. At the same time, Smith has only one design of a fuel-free generator while Tariel Kapanadze makes BTGs like baking cakes. But the question is certainly not in popularity, but in the possibility of repeating a particular device.

How many people tried to repeat Smith is hard to say, but a lot. The design is extremely simple: a wave resonator is rocked by a spark generator. But then there are 100,500 questions about what the diodes are doing in the circuit, how they can even straighten out the HF, and actually from where additional energy arises in the generator, and in no small quantities 1-10 kW or even more.

Smith's theme generator was widely discussed in all sorts of forums. Smith himself also explained a lot, but apparently explained poorly. At that end. In the photo below, Smith generator popularizer Comrade Dinatron.
In principle, the device is repeatable. With fine tuning, you can get additional energy, but not as the author says. Well, at least, if you make the inductor exactly 4 times shorter than the resonator, then you will not automatically fall into the wave resonance. The capacitive shunt on the half of the resonator is again paid attention. But the design is of course beautiful and interesting.
If you know the principle of operation, the generator can be run. You do not need to wind the coil with a silver-plated wire - ordinary copper in PVC will do. A tricky transformer at the output can be replaced with a conventional choke, etc. But in general, the design is an amateur, besides not distinguished by stability.

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