Development of a wiring diagram in the apartment. Show in the apartment with your own hands. - Extra Know

Development of a wiring diagram in the apartment. Show in the apartment with your own hands.

Development of a wiring diagram in the apartment. Show in the apartment with your own hands.

Many people do not even suspect that all the necessary steps to install the electrical wiring in the apartment can be done independently without the need for professional services. To do this, you first need to acquire basic knowledge of the operation and connection of the peripherals, then establish a scheme to assemble the shield and then mount the wiring. It is in this order that we will consider the complete progress of the independent execution of the work.
Entrance hall

    His arrangement is a matter of taste and preference of the owner. If there is only one lamp, it remains only to determine its position. Often additional lighting is installed near the closet or directly near the door. In this case, make sure to indicate it in the figure. It will take another switch or instead of one, it will be possible to install one.
    2 outlets (more convenient to buy cooked) for such a small room are usually more than adequate. Braid, hair dryer and similar electrical appliances are constant companions for women. If your wife or daughter prefers to wash in the hallway, make sure that the plug is not far from the mirror, otherwise you will learn if you have hands.


    In the toilet and bathroom, 1 lamp is displayed. Often in the bathroom, the mirror is illuminated, so you can add 1 extra branch. Since in a damp room, the switch is highly undesirable (even sealed), it must be addressed at design time. Sometimes you can find a three-button switch installed that will control a light bulb in the bathroom and two in the bathroom, but this is not the best option because the keys are very narrow and you can accidentally miss them. The best option: a key for the toilet and a key for the bath.
    If a washing machine or an electric towel warmer is installed in the bathroom, a watertight plug must be installed.


    When it comes to lighting, you often have to put extra sources on the dining table, the cutting table and also on the sink, because where do you turn the chandelier installed in the center, wherever you create a shadow.
    If a fan is installed in the ventilation duct, it will be very convenient to light it, being near the plate.
    The exit in the kitchen is not enough. extractor fan, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, television, receiver, grinder, blender, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, phone charger ... This is a short list of what will be powered. Also, think about the location of the outlets (but not next to the sink), so they are easy to use.


    With sockets as everything is clear - the principle is the same as for the kitchen.
    The lighting of the room is usually done a big chandelier, but as in a studio of the same room the night turns into a bedroom, you have to take care of the lamps or install additional plugs near the bed for floor lamps or table lamps .
    While discussing the wiring device, but it should be noted that during installation work it is possible (but not with the power cord) put Stroebe TV cable, and bring it to the point where will be installed the TV.

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