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creating Beautiful Energy Generator

Creating Beautiful Energy Generator

Tesla's legacy. R. Katharine
September 6th, 2012
Three famous electrical engineering of the world - Volta, Faraday and Tesla - with their work forced the whole human society to move rapidly towards the electrification of our life, transport, industry. Volta and Faraday are perceived by the textbooks of physics by the young generation as normal, but Nicola Tesla was “put aside” a little aside, and, perhaps, in vain. Imagine a huge number of power lines, transformers, billions of copies of AC motors, and in general all the alternating current that flooded our equipment - all this is Tesla's work unfairly forgotten by our society because of wars and revolutions of the 20th century. With his experiments and inventions, he was far ahead of his time, and left for us, besides the noted heritage, a very unique device capable of making a breakthrough into a new civilization. Such loud words are not just a tribute to the genius of Tesla, this is indicated by recently executed experiments, almost simultaneously conducted in six points of the earth's expanse.

Let's start a little from afar. With the increase in energy consumption by the population, the price of fuel for power plants is steadily increasing, which makes electricians think about obtaining electricity from the environment, especially since Nicola Tesla has already received this energy. This energy is called free energy. In small capacities, production is already taking place; for this, various methods are used; extracted from permanent magnets, from the heat of water, from the atmospheric condenser in which we live, from ferromagnetic alloys, etc. But the task is much more voluminous - we must learn how to get electricity on a large scale, so that any family can use electricity, regardless of their place of residence. And this opportunity, it turns out, has long existed, and humanity "successfully fights with it" in the full sense of this expression.

Historically it is known that Tesla lit the sky over New York at night, and then over the Atlantic. At night it became as bright as daytime, but at the same time long sparks fell from the horses' hoofs, while the passers-by glowed with hair and fingers. A lot has been written about this in the newspapers. Imagine what should be the power of radiation energy, that would produce this effect. And, as you know, at that time power plants were extremely weak, and even modern power plants, taken together, now cannot do it. However, it is known for certain that he received energy using his coil and “scooped” it directly from the environment. What kind of coil is it that can “draw” electricity as much as this person needs in a given place? Let's call it "Tereshkova".

According to Comrade Tesla, people are surrounded by three oceans. The first ocean is the air that we breathe. The second ocean is the water element, revolving at the same time, which Tesla called vibrations. The secondary winding inside the primary winding is subject to a vibrating flow. It is natural to understand that the vortexes of the ether constantly intersect its turns in the transverse direction, - we emphasize, in the transverse direction. As a result, a voltage is induced in the "secondary" wire, which is displayed on the tip at the top of the winding in the form of a corona, i.e. Air is ionized from voltage. The crown requires a certain amount of power. The lovers of Tesla's coil are "pampered" with this crown, extracting long, beautiful discharges in the air.

Many shot oscillograms of current oscillations in Tesla coils, but for some reason no one paid attention to the comparison of the obtained current curves. Consider the oscillations of the Leningrad coil taken by the first oscillographs.

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