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All about free energy

All about free energy

Free energy also called Helmholtz energy is a term used to refer to the study of heat and thermal machines. It is used in the study of explosions that involve a variation of pressure. Many are still looking for free energy that works or think of free energy as it is a scam. To distinguish the true from the false on the free energy, we obtained some elements of answer on this energy coming from the void.
What is free energy?

"A few generations passing, and our machines will be driven by the force obtained at any point in the universe ... It's a simple matter of time and men will succeed in connecting their machines to the very workings of nature. Nikola Tesla

The free energy also called "vacuum energy" is an electromagnetic energy contained in the universe, in matter, researches tending to show that this source of energy can be partially converted into usable energy. This renewable energy would exist for 20 years. Several independent inventors have tried to show the veracity of the existence of this energy through free energy machines.

Nikola Tesla is part of it with his device to capture radiant energy in his environment. Michel Faraday also demonstrated that it was possible to generate electrical power by rotating a copper disc connected in a magnetic field.

It would be a free and free energy that revolves around us, completely renewable and infinite.

Engines and generators of free energy

Starting from the principle that this free energy is beautiful and usable by man, it is possible to create engines or generators of free energy and in particular thanks to the research of Heinrich Lenz and his first experiences in the field Magnetism. His observations have determined that if the mechanical energy is removed from the electrical energy of an engine, the motor behaves like an electric motor in the opposite direction. What would be noted today as follows:

"The current induced in a circuit, due to the change or motion of a magnetic field, is directed to oppose the change of flux or to exert a mechanical force opposing the movement. "

Lenz spoke of "engines" when the force appears as a reaction with current conductors. If the force is at the input of the device and the current makes a reaction in the opposite direction, they are called "generators". Magnetic motors result from attraction and repulsion between the poles of two magnets.

So how do you produce your own electricity from a free-energy engine? You will find many videos on the net explaining you how and giving you the plan to build a magnetic energy engine.

Why make a free-energy motor or generator?

Faced with increasingly high energy consumption, most people are hoping to find an alternative to electricity. Thanks to free energy and as you explain the wiki site, it is possible to save electricity for a small initial cost. Building a small electric generator requires little cost and even remains a cost-effective alternative to solar or wind energy which is very expensive. With this generator, you should see a reduction of 40 to 80% less on your electricity bill. Simple to use, transportable and transposable in your home, in addition to being environmentally friendly, free energy generators are more and more interesting for those who want to respect the environment and save money at the end of the month. You will get your starting bet after two months. What to be tempted by its manufacture.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla is an engineer and inventor of Serbian origin, naturalized American born in 1856. He is the author of about 300 patents including the asynchronous electric motor or the coil with electromagnets for which he receives a patent in 1894.

Where can I find the equipment needed to make a free-energy motor?

Most of the necessary materials are easy to find in DIY stores. Others, on the other hand, are accessible on specialized Internet sites or DIY professionals for individuals or professionals.

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