30kw magnetic generator free energy magnetic generator, 3 phase ac permanent magnet generator - Extra Know

30kw magnetic generator free energy magnetic generator, 3 phase ac permanent magnet generator

Quick Details
Place of origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand name:
Model Number:
PMG series
Wind generator
Image type:
3 phases
Rated voltage:
12 volts 480 volts
Rated rotor speed:
20-900 RPM
Rated power:
50 watts - 5 million watts
Magenent Type:
Generator material:
Aluminum body + Copper wire + Nd-Fe-B
Generator Type:
Bearing brand:
Sweden SKF
Portection Rating:
IP 54
Home, Farm, Plant, Boat
GreeF company supplies various permaent magent generator driven suitable following equipment
Powered by Wind power -------- Wind turbines
Powered by Water Power ------- Hydropower
Motor driven by belt
Driven motor
Permanent Exercise Machine by Dirven
Test factory by Dirven
Created by Dirven himself
Drive Permanent Magnet Generator and Rotational Speed ​​Generator
With this Victor, you have best price and more specifications, also contact direatly:
Mobile: + 86-15264246886 (app) Skype: greefenergy_c
Email: Information @ greefenergy.com Wickat: haorenchensheng

Product Features

1. Rare earth Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet generator. Energy storage energy more than 15% generators.
2. Permanent magnet structure, no winding, no carbon brush, slip ring, need gear box. Simple structure, reliable, durable and maintenance free.
3. Multi-pole design, improved frequency and high efficiency rectifier and inverter. Cost of saving.
4. Directly, without control cabinet, replace asynchronous motor completely.
5.H Class insulation, vacuum pressure impregnation.
6.SKF Bearings
7. Power factor closer to 1, need additional power factor compensation equipment.
8. Small heat, extra heat fan cooling or water cooling
9. Long lifespan> 20 years, strong rotor, can run at high speed, running 24 hours 365 days.
10. Energy saving, return investment within 1-2 years.
Technical data
Generator type: Pemanent magnetic synchronous direct drive three-phase AC
Custom: voltage, speed, power, frequency.
Shaft, spline shaft, biaxial extension, flange number.
One varity structure design: vertical axis, horizontal axis, inner rotor, outer rotor, plate type.
Packaging and Delivery
1. Greef generator inner foam protection, outer Plywooden case.
2. Pakage weight, we will contact you.
3. Shipping Sea FCL with LCL or.
Please tell us your package on request and shipping our according to your request.
Our Services

Generator free 3-year warranty, all lifetime technical support and cost.

(1) The warranty period can begin with shipment bills or air waybills.
(2) free maintenance service during the warranty period shall bear the costs associated with, no charge fee, free warranty to the customer, if the external damage period, the company charges the charge fee labor costs.
(3) Warranty period If the company is burdened with quality problems, warranty, or artificial damage, the shipping charges customers.

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1.Q: Working with your permanent magnet generator?
Our generators need to generate different energy, like wind, water power, belt, etc, which can drive.

2.Q: Your electric power generator electric power?
: No, A1. Please see

3. Q: Power your generator?
: We manufacture 5000 watts for 100 watts.

4. Q: Rotational speed of your generator?
: 20 revolutions per minute 3000 revolutions per minute.

5. Q: Manufacturing customization?
: Yes, we are.
Please inform us your detailed request (power, rpm, voltage, size, color) of our sales, we made generator according to your request.

6. Q: Is your company OEM service?
: Yes, we are.


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