3-phase motor connection up to 220V - Extra Know

3-phase motor connection up to 220V

3-phase motor connection up to 220V

Electric motor 220B is a simple and extensive apparatus. Because of this voltage, it is often used in household appliances. However, there is no defect. You will find articles on these electric motors, how to use them, how and how to troubleshoot problems, and whether you can connect to a network.
Single-phase device. Explanation

If a universal collector motor needs to be connected with the series exciter, the windings are connected to the collector-brush assembly. The required voltage is applied after the device to be operated by the motor is loaded on the shaft.

Generally, DC collector motors are low voltage. Thus, to connect the motor 3000. At 220V min, you must use the appropriate power supply with transformer and rectifier.
Three-phase motor connection

At present, the electric motor may be used by the driver. If you need to replace or repair, you may have questions about how to connect the electric motor to the 220V network. Three-phase motors can be easily operated without a telephone expert using the following recommendations.

Screwdriver, thermal relay, insulation tape, auto and tester can be useful as tools.
Detailed instructions

The old motor is removed and the neutral tape shows the electrical tape. After reinstallation, you can easily use the lights to determine the neutral line. The light bulb does not come on.

New engine addition fitting with self-starter as well as automatic starter relay. The armature is installed in the shield.

The thermal relay is connected to the starter. If you select the latter, make sure that it matches the power of the motor.

Armature pin of the input connected to the terminal of the machine, excluding the neutral wire. Output terminals are connected to the same thermal relay. Connect the cable directly to the motor at the output of the starter.

With a power of less than 1 kilowatts, the machine can bypass the magnetic starter and connect.

Remove the cover to connect the motor. The terminals of the terminal block are connected in triangle or star shape. The end of the cable is connected to the pad. When star contact is alternately connected.

If the results are randomly aligned, use a tester. It is connected to the end looking for a reel. After that, connect in a star shape and the conclusion of the coil is gathered at one point. Connect the other end to the cable.

The engine is covered with a lid and the mechanism is checked for operation. When the shaft rotates in the wrong direction, the wires of the input simply shift.

Electrical equipment may need to be reconnected because the supply voltages of different consumers may be different. Connecting the asynchronous 220 volt motor for additional operation of the equipment is very simple by following the recommended guidelines.

In fact, this is not an impossible task. In other words, what we need is to connect the windings correctly. There are two main types of asynchronous motors: three types of star delta windings and starter winding motors (single phase). The latter is used, for example, in Soviet construction machines. Their model is ABE-071-4C. Consider each option in turn.
Switching to the desired voltage

First, you need to make sure the engine has the necessary parameters. They are on the tag attached to his side. One of the parameters, 220V, should be displayed. Next, look at the connections of the windings. It is worth remembering such a pattern. Choose a star with a low voltage and a triangle with a high voltage. What does this mean?
Voltage increase

Suppose the tag is: Δ / Ỵ220 / 380. That is, in most cases, the default connection is 380 volts, so you must include a triangle. How to do this? It is not difficult to have a terminal box in the terminal motor. There is a jumper and what you need is to switch to the desired position.
Now connect the battery to the polarity of the end of C1-C2 and Ohmmeter on A1-a2.

Ensure that the arrow deflection of all coils is the same. Please check again. Now we have one bundle of wires (for example, number 1) and one end.

For example, take the three ends as a2, b2, c2 and combine them. It will be a star connection. Or terminal block. Attach the connection diagram to the lid or draw a marker.

Switching triangle-star. You can work on the network.
In the diagram, the ABE electromechanical is different from the three-phase counterpart as well as the single-phase collector unit.

Always read carefully what is written on the tag! The fact that three wires are connected does not mean it's a 380v connection. Just do a good job!
Engagement in the workplace

The first thing to do is to determine the middle part, or junction, of the coil. If our asynchronous devices are in good condition, the color of the wires will make it easier to do. You can see the picture:
If everything is derived from it, there will be no problem. In most cases, however, you will need to dispose of the device that was removed from the washing machine because it is unknown. Here, of course, will be more difficult.

It is better to call the end with an ohmmeter. The maximum resistance is two coils connected in series. Mark them. Next, look at the value that the device shows. Startup coils have greater resistance than they do.

Now we use capacitors. Generally, ABE is 6 uF, 400 volts, although they are different in different electric vehicles.

If it is not exactly this, similar parameters can be used, but the voltage must be above 350V!
Works properly when done. In fact, there is one stumbling block. All ends can not be burdened. If so, there will be difficulties with the opposite. Unless you do not take it apart and bring it on its own.

There are a few tips on how to connect an asynchronous electrical machine to a 220 volt network. The plan is simple and with little effort you can do everything with your own hands.

Released 3-phase motor at 220 volts

Often there is a need for supplementary agriculture. Three-phase electric motor connection, there is only. Single phase network (220V). Nothing, I can fix it. Simply connect the condenser to the engine and it will work.

The capacitance of the capacitor used depends on the electric motor power,

C = 66 P Mr,

where? And - Capacitor capacitance, microfarad, R nom - rated motor power, kW.

For example, for a 600 W electric motor, a 42 μF capacitor is required. A capacitor of this capacity can be assembled into several small capacitors connected in parallel.

C total = C 1 + C 1 + ... + C n

Therefore, the total capacitance of a 600 W motor should be at least 42 microfarads. Appropriate capacitors must be remembered and the operating voltage is 1.5 times the voltage of the single-phase network.

Operational capacitors can be capacitors of type KBG, MBGCH, BHT. In the absence of such a capacitor, an electrolytic capacitor is used. In this case, the electrolytic capacitors are interconnected and well insulated.

Note that the rotational speed of a three-phase electric motor operating in a single-phase network does not change much compared to the rotational speed of a motor in three-phase mode.

Most three-phase electric motors are connected to a single-phase network of "triangle" circuits (rice 1). The power generated by the three-phase electric motor included in the delta circuit is 70 to 75% of the rated power.

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